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Tapify is helping businesses market their brand, products and services using mobile games.  



Mobile technology is quickly changing the way people interact with brands and businesses.  


In today’s mobile-driven world, customers are more inclined to use their smart devices to interact with products and services. This has inspired a local software company to create a brand gamification business model that will help businesses increase sales and improve customer engagement.


Tapify, Inc. does this by building simple, reward based iOS/Android games for brands and businesses.  


These customized brand games allow businesses to promote their name, logo, and product or service offerings in an exciting new way.  They may include specific business details, sales or product/service information.  Hence, every game is unique to the business it’s made to represent.


Customers are more than eager to play since each game has incentivized rewards such as coupons or discounts that (if won while playing the game) can be redeemed in-store.  This, in turn, helps businesses promote their business online and get customers in the door.


Essentially, these brand games encourages businesses to engage with the customer in a more intimate and carefree manner.  Letting the customers learn more about their business in an enjoyable environment while at the same time giving them a chance to “win” something that can only be claimed or used at the place of business.


“This is the cool thing about it!” says it’s CEO, Alexander Julien.  

“Customers get to have fun and win stuff while businesses attract more business and get better promotion.  It’s a win-win situation for both.”


Tapify has just finished it’s first “brand” app game called Bubble Trouble for a local carwash business (Bubble Trouble Carwash) in Truro.   Customers have a chance to WIN A FREE WASH or WIN A BUBBLE DISCOUNT in the game.  It’s name, logos and colors are used throughout the game.  And the logo character is used for the gameplay.  The credits contain it’s business, contact and website details.


The “digital engagement” gap that exists between businesses and customers is a real thing.  It’s often overlooked.  If businesses can capitalize on mobile engagement via “brand” games, they will most likely increase sales and product/service awareness.  Brand gamification is the future of mobile marketing.  


Tapify is a mobile software development company that has created Apple and Google featured app games such as Ninja Kitty, Bumpy Birds and Rocket Pig.


If you want to know more or would like to get a brand app game made for your business visit or email

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